Turkish Language and Literature

Even though this field is taught under two different headings as Turkish Literature and Language and Expression, these two courses should never be considered separately from each other. The material of literature is language. It is a fact that a student's success in these two courses will boost his/her success in other courses. Our students in our GCE classes are taught literary works in which the language is used correctly and properly, and the first step is taken towards making them a prominent reader of literature. In-class activities are carried out through group work, individual, paired presentations or collective discussion formats such as panels, symposiums, debates, and the question-answer method. In all presentations, importance is attached to the use of visual and auditory materials.

Our courses are handled in different ways in our middle school department and high school department. Our secondary school Turkish course curriculum, which is tailored for our 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students, aims to raise individuals who read, observe, ask questions, inquire, produce solutions, discuss and write. Our lessons, which are structured by benefiting from texts, are implemented by text analysis aimed at equipping our students with the skills required for reading and improving reading, using a dictionary and enhancing vocabulary, comprehending grammar, writing in an abstract and concrete sense and expressing themselves. Our aims in our Turkish lessons are to enable students to learn new knowledge by recalling what they have learned in primary education, to prepare them for the 9th Grade Language - Expression and Literature lessons, and to ensure that they understand and interpret a written text and what they listen to. Additionally, being aware of the crucial role of using language in an accurate manner, special focus is placed on promoting nice, correct and concise writing and keeping a regular notebook. In order to improve the oral expression skills of our students, presentations are made on different topics in the classroom and selected news from daily newspapers is interpreted. In this context, our students develop their speaking skills in public.

The activities we carry out in connection with our Turkish – Literature classes in our secondary and high school classes:

  • Inter-class knowledge and culture competitions
  • Debate competitions
  • Story and essay competitions
  • Poetry performances
  • Drama studies
  • Theatre club events
  • Prepared and impromptu speech presentations
  • Children's games activities for our middle school students
  • Book reading competitions.