Our Mission

Our vision is to raise well rounded and responsible individuals, who aspire to achieve their full potential, and help them achieve the highest possible level of academic success by using high quality educational tools and providing them with high quality education in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that lays the foundation for life-long learning. We are dedicated to our continuing tradition of excellence in education in an ever-changing world. Raising well-equipped, productive, problem-solving, analytic-thinking, responsible, tolerant to different cultures, sociable, environmentally sensitive, and self-confident individuals, who adopt ethical values and life-long learning, who are able to express themselves effectively in both their native language and other languages, constitutes the core of our vision.


Our mission is to raise well-rounded students,

  • who adopt Atatürk's principles and reforms
  • who are sensitive to culture, art, nature and the environment
  • who are aware of and respectful to individual rights
  • who are able to access information sources and know how to use information
  • who are self-confident
  • who are responsible
  • who have universal values
  • who keep scientific thought in the foreground
  • who are nurtured with the most advanced teaching methods
  • who are able to use information technologies in the best way
  • who have developed leadership characteristics
  • who can use English at the highest level
  • who are able to make a positive contribution to the future of the country