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Being the first private school in our country with over 50 years of experience, here at Near East we strive to equip each student entrusted to us from preschool to 12th grade with the best education and to give them a critical perspective. With our innovative education model, in line with the country’s educational system, our technological infrastructure and our strong educational staff, our school helps to raise a future generation of individuals who question and research the world around them, having high self-confidence, social awareness and are able to highlight their unique personal skills and creativity. We encourage our students to learn and use their full potential to become independent and lifelong learners. We attach importance to monitoring both the academic and social development of all our students, taking them to the next level, and equipping them to meet the needs of the rapidly changing age with the skills they acquire. We offer a qualified education and training environment to our students and teachers with our deep-rooted corporate culture, our belief in science, and the support we receive from our Near East University and Kyrenia University.

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