Social Sciences

The mission of our Social Sciences Department is to promote learning by questioning rather than rote learning, to raise well-rounded individuals, who are empowered with analytical thinking skills, who value their society and environment, who have embraced learning by experiencing, and adhere to Atatürk's principles and revolutions.

Within the scope of the curricula of the Ministry of National Education and Culture, our Social Sciences program is tailored by taking into consideration the age and mental development levels of the students. In this context, the foundations of social sciences are laid in Grades 6, 7 and 8 through well designed courses. Our courses for relevant grades cover Social Studies History, Social Studies Geography, T.R. Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions History, and Turkish Cypriot History. By bringing locality into the forefront, our courses not only provide our students with the opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge but also to get to know their country with a sense of owning by participating in the social and cultural activities and excursions organized within the scope of the program. The Secondary School promotes love for social studies and creativity with an interdisciplinary approach based on collaboration with other branches and clubs. Through these courses, we spare no sacrifices to provide our students with the social science knowledge and skills that promote an interdisciplinary understanding.

Raising well-equipped, inquiring, critical thinking, self-confident, and creative individuals who adhere to the historical, cultural and social values of their country with a sense of belonging while determining their future goals, constitutes the fundamental objective of our department.

The student clubs affiliated with the Social Sciences Department provide students with the opportunity to practice what they learn in the lessons, and develop their creativity by producing social projects. Our students, who are members of the Observation and Research Club, the Social Responsibility Club, the Thought Club and the Geography Club, undertake important projects in order to be individuals who are beneficial to the society through various activities.