Physical Education

Our Physical Education course consist of well-planned, standards-based program designed to develop the motor skills, knowledge and behaviours of our students for physical fitness, sportsmanship, self-efficacy and a healthy life. The program enables the students to not only participate in the applicable sports such as handball, football, volleyball and basketball but also balancing sports such as gymnastics, and track sports such as athletics.

Our courses focus on developing the physical fitness, strength and endurance of our students. Being physically active during the Physical Education courses help students develop the gross and fine motor skills required for balance, coordination and endurance.

Our courses are carried out on the basis of strengthening and developing all organs and systems of our students in accordance with their level. Our primary goal is to provide our students with nerve, muscle and joint coordination, the habit of correct posture, and the basic knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits related to physical education and sports.

We encourage our students to spend their leisure time with sports activities with the awareness of the benefits of physical education and sports for a healthy life. We also support them to sincerely assimilate the phenomena regarding taking responsibility, trusting in themselves, making quick decisions, playing fairly, competing, winning, appreciating, admitting defeat, being against cheating and injustice.

Our school teams are formed with the selections made at the beginning of the academic year in our college. Our teams are active in basketball, volleyball, football, futsal, swimming, handball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, athletics, wrestling and cycling.