When the cultural characteristics of societies are examined, it is apparent that music constitutes an important factor in the development stages of culture and each society has its own musical accumulation. In this context, music is a key part of the cultural development of a society. Music mirrors the life, cultural life, values, norms and the mentality of a society. Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, underlined the crucial role of art and artists in establishing cultural identity by saying: "A nation deprived of art and artists can't have a full existence. Such a nation is one-armed, disabled, and diseased. A nation without art is a nation in which one of its vital vessels has been ruptured".

Having been tailored to encourage the students to develop a love of music and their talents, and to increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement, our music course program is implemented within the framework of the Ministry of National Education curricula, and enriched with various activities.

The music course aims to raise individuals who know different local and international music cultures and works, have a broad repertoire of music belonging to these cultures, can distinguish music genres, and can analyse the works they listen to by using the musical terminology correctly.

Our music curriculum comprises strands that focus on the importance of listening and responding, and using the voice and musical instruments. In this context, we encourage our students to develop themselves in these fields as well by providing them with vocal and instrument training. Moreover, we provide them with the opportunity to demonstrate their performance in various art events held at the school. We are committed to providing every opportunity required to increase the aesthetic perception of the students, helping them to not only develop their self-esteem by applying the methods of working with the group but also their communication skills required to communicate with other individuals and the society accurately and effectively. Furthermore, our music department is responsible for forming the school choir and orchestra.