Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit

With its expert psychological counsellors and psychologists, the Near East Yeniboğaziçi College Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit provides our students with assistance services to enable them to develop psychologically, physically, mentally, socially and educationally, to recognize themselves with all aspects and the possibilities around them, to discover their interests and abilities, to make appropriate decisions, to solve their problems, to establish healthy and balanced relations with their environment.

Guidance is the process of guiding the individual and his/her parents to enable them solve individual specific problems or challenges they encounter. In this context, our Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit adopts it as its fundamental objective to guide students' social, emotional and cognitive development, to provide psychological counselling support in their areas of need. Our expert psychological counsellors and psychologists are always by the student’s side in this process. Being aware that family, school, peers, and the society have a significant impact on a student's behaviour, thoughts, and learning, our Guidance Psychological Counselling Unit not only guides students to acquire information and achieve success, but also assists them with overcoming the challenges that they may encounter during their developmental process. In line with these objectives, the Guidance Psychological Counselling Unit works devotedly with the aim of providing a contribution to raise happy, healthy, creative and well-rounded individuals who know themselves, their abilities and competencies, and who have environmental awareness, problem-solving, decision-making, and adaptation and communication skills.

In order to identify and prevent the problems that are encountered or may be encountered during the students' personal, academic, social, emotional and cognitive development, and to ensure their development at the highest level, our Guidance Psychological Counselling Unit plans and implements studies concerned with the individual, family, school personnel and the environment. To keep up with the rapid changes in students, educators and parents must also become dynamic and evolving adults. The inclusion of all stakeholders who are in direct contact with young people in the Guidance program is very important for students to be successful in school and in life. Their readiness for life and the future as individuals capable of addressing the needs of the current era can be ensured by working together.

Our psychological counsellors work in line with the following principles as a requirement of their profession.

  • Collaboration: Guidance services can be carried out with the cooperation of all people associated with the counselee.
  • Confidentiality: The counsellor is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her interview with the counselee. The confidentiality policy has limits specified in professional ethics rules.
  • Impartiality: The counsellor informs the counselee and offers options when necessary, but does not try to instil his/her own philosophy of life, feelings and beliefs.
  • Respect for the individual: Respect for the individual and his/her right to decide on matters related to himself/herself is essential in guidance.
  • Generality: Guidance is a service open to all individuals with adaptation and developmental problems.