English Language

Since English is a universal language used on national and international platforms, as Near East Yeniboğaziçi College, our aim is to equip our students with the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to use English fluently and effectively and express themselves in the best way.

Our courses are implemented by experienced teachers, who constantly update their knowledge, resources and methods in line with the requirements of our era. Our world championships in the IGCSE Turkish language exams and ESL exams are solid evidence indicating how serious and goal-oriented we are in our field.

Starting from Grade 6, our experienced and dynamic teaching staff attaches great importance to equipping the students with reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through meticulously tailored programs. Along with courses and exams specific to their grade, we provide the Grade 9 students with a range of resources and extra courses to help them prepare for the GCSE Turkish Language exam to be held at the end of the year. Since this exam tests the students' abilities in listening and understanding in Turkish, speaking in Turkish, and reading and understanding, our preparation courses not only provide the students with the opportunity to improve their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills but also to focus on the themes specific to the exam. Our students have achieved world championships in GCSE Turkish Language exam by ranking at the top. Our teachers also work devotedly and spare no sacrifices to prepare the Grade 10 students for the IGCSE English Language exam. For Grade 10 students, we also offer preparation courses and mock exams. The outstanding successes that our students have achieved in IGCSE exams indicates the quality of our Cambridge International and Pearson Edexcel approved programs. Our Grade 11 and 12 students are also prepared for IELTS and SAT exams for admission to universities. If necessary, students are provided with extra preparation courses for IELTS and SAT. The IELTS exam is conducted twice a month to allow the students to attempt the test whenever they are ready. In order to prepare our grade 12 students for university life and help them adopt themselves to the school where they will receive their undergraduate education, we support them with supplementary courses after February as well.

Our students have achieved many successes and continue to record new accomplishments in international exams such as KET (6th and 7th grades) and PET (7th and 8th grades), IGCSE English, IELTS and SAT. In the IELTS exams, many of our students have achieved outstanding success by scoring 8.5 out of 9. Our students have ranked first in the TRNC in SAT exams held so far.

Many activities and projects are carried out in order to reinforce our academic achievements and to make our students self-confident. With the discussions that we organize for all age groups, we create environments allowing our students to defend their ideas freely and in English, and we emphasize the importance of social cohesion to our children through cultural activities and projects.

We try to develop our students' imaginations and bring their creativity to the fore with the composition competitions held every year.

In addition, we both introduce world writers to our students and strengthen their communication skills with the theatre performances that are organized and prepared by our drama club at the end of each academic year.