Within the objectives of the curricula implemented at the Near East Yeniboğaziçi College, computer courses focus on equipping the students with basic knowledge and communication skills that they will need in their lives, and enabling them to produce effective digital solutions for the problems they will encounter. Courses are given in fully-equipped computer labs approved by the Cambridge International Exam Platform. The laboratories are designed to provide each student with a computer and individual study opportunity.

Considering the current technological developments, the needs of students and the other departments of the college, our programs are regularly updated. Consisting of compulsory and elective courses addressing different levels, our program covers a wide range of topics such as basic computer knowledge and skills, academic and ethical internet use, research techniques, project development, use of online tools, multimedia, algorithmic thinking and programming. Additionally, the computer exam curriculum of the International Lower Secondary (ILS) of the Cambridge International Exam platform is offered to students engaged in the Cambridge International program. After completing the ILS, IGCSE and GCE curricula in relevant grades, students take these exams held by Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge International Exam Centers.

Our students are encouraged to demonstrate their digital literacy skills in different areas by working in cooperation with other departments on projects carried out in the courses.